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Anxiety in teens is so common. Here are some telltale signs of anxiety, where they come from, and proven ways to manage anxiety back to small enough.

When 16-year-old Sam Kanizay waded into the water off Brighton Beach late Saturday, it wasn’t anything unusual for the Australian teen. He had grown up in that area of Melbourne, part of an active family that participated in triathlons and frequently swam in the ocean. His legs were sore from

This table shows vaccinations included in the Australian National Immunisation Schedule Program as well as some other recommended vaccinations.

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The Australian parenting website: comprehensive, practical, expert health and parenting information and activities covering ren aged 0-15 years.

Raising teens? Get articles, videos and resources on teenage behaviour, relationships, development, health, wellbeing, education, entertainment and more.

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college holiday courses for s and teens including filmmaking, animation, radio, acting, screenwriting and more.

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Two teenagers were riding their dirt bikes near Sydney, Australia, earlier this week when they saw something unusual sticking out of the mud: a head and two pointy ears.

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The Australian Dyslexia Association Inc is concerned with the identification and educational treatment of those with dyslexia

Information about alcohol-related health issues and Australian Government policy.

Teenagers are turning away from alcohol and other substances so much so that researchers studying the change in attitude have labelled this the sober generation.