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Pregnant woman accepts mandy Yankee’s “Dura” dance challenge and lets loose on the hospital floors with her husband hours before delivering a baby teen.

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Tamar Braxton Says Woman Told Her Vincent Herbert Got Her Pregnant

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Chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what’s trending across POPSUGAR. Lauren has been pregnant since 2012 . . . with the same baby, because she can’t afford to take time off work from her job that doesn’t have paid leave . . . so she’s just decided to stay pregnant until she racks up enough

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He made headlines around the world after astonishing photos emerged of his baby bump and beard. Now Thomas Beatie, otherwise known as The Pregnant Man, blames fellow transgender male Chaz Bono after he missed out on being on Dancing With The Stars. The 37-year-old, who became the world’s first

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CCTV footage of a pregnant woman in Baoji City, China, deliberately stretching her legs to trip a is going viral on social media. and not only viral, there’s a lot of outrage as well since the reportedly suffered a concussion because of the fall. The incident apparently took place on

Just the Two of Us no more! Dancing woman is filmed spectacularly wiping out and plunging into a LAKE while boogying and singing to Bill Withers’ classic hit with a friend

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South African hospitals have been alerted to look out for a man with an injured penis after a pregnant woman bit his genitals while he sexually assaulted her in front of her .

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After I wrote one of my popular posts, Top 10 Sucky Things About Being Pregnant, a very old friend, Mike McL, wrote me to say he’d had a strong reaction to my list.In fact, it was such a strong reaction that he’d penned his own version — The Top Ten Sucky Things About Being Married To A Pregnant Woman.

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Directed by Pat O’Connor. With Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon, Gerard McSorley, Catherine McCormack. Five unmarried teens make the most of their simple existence in rural Ireland in the 1930s.